Powers Design and Build – The Building/Remodeling Process

This is really “how we do it”-

The successful building of a truly fine project is a complicated matter. So, whether a kitchen remodel, an addition, a major renovation or a custom home, all great projects start out with a well thought out plan.

At Powers Design and Build, we know how to flush-out our client’s ideas into a real vision, then turn that vision into real tangible building plans that reflect what our client’s want to build. We encourage our clients to be very thoughtful and deliberate during the planning stage to allow time to carefully think through every facet of the plans, including the foundation, framing, roofing, site-work, interior finishes, windows, floor coverings, color, features and more. We will walk you through every step.

Once the plans are worked out we move to the budgeting phase of the project. During this process, we help you select products and finishes that fit into your general budget. One of the critical areas where many projects get off track is lack of guidance during the selection period which in turn leads to time and cost overruns. It is vitally important to have guidance to help find the best products for your project and at the best price.

After selections are made, we can generate completed plans and then head to the bidding process. We are always negotiating with our preferred suppliers and subcontractors to provide our clients with the most cost-effective goods and services for their project. When a client’s plans are ready for budgeting, we turn to the best vendors for their best price. At this time we prompt our client for the next round of decisions to keep the project moving on budget and on schedule. Our vendors will submit a price and we use that to prepare a budget for our clients that reflects the constructed and finished costs to you. We communicate, modify and move around all these pieces to get the budget, design and timing to all come together.

When we receive the approved plans and pricing, we will in turn draft the contract to govern the transaction. You can expect a very detailed accounting, commitment and working to schedules, and ongoing meetings and guidance to ensure success.